Custom Leather Jacket - Artistic License

Custom Leather Jacket - Artistic License


Get in on that custom leather jacket game! Let me paint your favorite words or phrases on your leather jacket, however I please. Save some dollars, and get something amazing all at the same time. 


1. This product is for a custom painted leather jacket in which you are giving B. Kaspr full artistic license, the only exception is the words/phrases that you want painted on the jacket. 

2. You are allowing B. Kaspr to paint your phrase however he pleases.

3. You are trusting B. Kaspr completely to make you something amazing. Like an artistic trust fall.

4. If you want a little bit more control check out THIS PRODUCT.

5. You must provide the leather jacket, and yes it must be real leather. 

6. Lead time for re-delivery is approximately 3-5 weeks, I cannot make any promises in regards to pre-holiday delivery. 

7. Jackets may be shipped to:

Brian Kaspr - 173 Ponus Ave. - Norwalk, CT 06850

8. Please include your order number with your shipment. 

9. Did I mention that you are allowing me to do what I want, and how I want? 

10. No @ or # symbols. Trust me you don't need it. 

All sales are final. 

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